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50-HFC-0110 + 30-32-0350 - AM-12S with Foot Platform

AM-12S with Foot Platform. Note: Platform is permanent and tryke cannot convert back to a hand/foot model. Standard with Rear Steering and safety flag.
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Optional Wrist Wraps - Wrist wraps help maintain riders' hold on hand grips or handlebars. Pair of washable cloth wraps secure around wrist with hook and loop closure. Size is determined by measuring from A (top side of wrist) around the hand to B (bottom side of wrist) Available in 4 sizes.
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AM-12S with Foot Platform
#50-HFC-0110 + 30-32-0350 

Leg length: 19-24 in.        
Arm length: 15-20 in.
Height: 26-40 in.    
Max weight: 150 lbs.

The AM-12S tryke is intended for early intervention. its fixed drive helps children who might otherwise have problems making a full pedal rotation. Coasting is not possible with a fixed drive; when limb motion stops, the bike does as well. This hand & foot tryke is designed to stimulate reciprocal movement and increase range of motion. Since this is a  hand & foot tryke, make sure both the rider’s arm and leg length fit within the range. Assembly required. Available in Amtryke red.


  • Rear Steering allows adult to push and steer from behind the tryke. NEW: Rear Steer can convert to a push bar by insterting a pin.
  • Rolled steel frame features quick-turn knobs which allow seat bracket to move closer or further from the front to accommodate a variety of rider sizes
  • Frame and seating dismantle for easy transport
  • Low center of gravity provides added stability
  • Fixed drive ensures hands and feet work together
  • Features four-way adjustable seating: up/down and forward/back
  • Safety steering limiter pin for three graduated steering options: straight, 20 degrees left/right, free steering
  • Foot plates feature a heel trap, with toe and instep strap, to secure rider’s feet to pedals
  • A loading lock allows safe and easy rider transfer
  • 1600 simple seat back with chest strap
  • NEW: More supportive saddle seat now standard
  • 3 inch crank arms
  • 12 inch wheels; rear with pneumatic tires, front self-centering with a flat-proof insert
  • Safety helmet and safety flag

Package comes with a wooden foot platform. Platform cannot be uninstalled once it has been converted to a hand-only tryke.

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